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Game 21: Athletics (11-10) @ Orioles (12-8), 7:05pm

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C'mon Chen!
C'mon Chen!

So last night the Orioles gave up five runs to the Athletics, which is like giving up ten runs to a regular team. Hopefully with such an offensive outburst yesterday the A's will be worn out in today's game.

Wei-Yin Chen gets the start today and I've found that his are the starts I've been looking forward to this year. He's had his troubles early on, but his talent is undeniable and it's been a lot of fun watching him make adjustments to get better in his first year in the MLB.

Tyson Ross is the A's starter, making his third start of the year. Overall his stats are pretty good but he did walk five in his second start against the Indians. Tyson has never started against the Orioles so both pitchers will be pretty unfamiliar to the other team.

The Orioles will also be fighting the rain tonight as it's in the forecast, but the longer we get into the day the lower the percentage for precipitation drops, so they'll probably get this one in.

Let's Go O's!