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Maryland offers Oriole Bird license plates

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It was just announced by the Orioles that they have teamed up with the MVA to offer Orioles-themed license plates that look like this:


Pretty cool, right? That cartoon bird is just awesome. You can get all the information on how to apply at the Orioles official page. You can't pick your own number but you can enter a sweepstakes to win 0001 and they are currently having auctions for 0004 (Earl Weaver), 0005 (Brooks Robinson), 0008 (Cal Ripken), 0020 (Frank Robinson), 0022 (Jim Palmer), and 0033 (Eddie Murray), along with plates for current players with 0010 (Adam Jones), 0021 (Nick Markakis) and 0032 (Matt Wieters). All profits from the auctions go to charity of course.

I personally think they missed out on a golden opportunity by not auctioning off 2131. Come on, that'd bring in the big bucks, right? I'd bid on that one maybe.

Whenever something like this comes out I always think, "Yeah, it's nice, but where is our winning baseball team?" I know that may be kind of silly, but there you go. I hope that doesn't come off as too negative, because these are pretty sweet. Just not as sweet as, well you know.