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Opening Day Lineup Contest - Winner!

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Back on January 3, CC held the Guess the Opening Day Lineup Contest. That was before Jeremy Guthrie had been traded, before Wilson Betemit signed with the O's, before Prince Fielder didn't sign with the O's. There were 52 entries (well really 53 but I threw one out for being a jerk), and with the announcement of the Opening Day lineup, we have a winner. Dastritt earned 11 points for sole possession of first place. For a complete list of results, click through the jump.

In case you haven't seen the Opening Day lineup, here it is:

1. Nolan Reimold - LF
2. J.J. Hardy - SS
3. Nick Markakis - RF
4. Adam Jones - CF
5. Matt Wieters - C
6. Wilson Betemit - DH
7. Mark Reynolds - 3B
8. Chris Davis - 1B
9. Robert Andino - SS

SP - Jake Arrieta

Congratulations to dastritt! If there are any changes in the lineup between now and the first pitch, the results will be recalculated. If I cannot get in touch with dastratt (he hasn't logged in since the day he entered the contest), the winner will be one of the four contestants who earned ten points (using the tie-breaker questions).

A few things you all should know:

1) Some of you really need to learn to spell Wieters. I mean, come on. It's not as bad as misspelling Ripken, but he's the best player on the team and he's awesome. Just remember, I before E except after C, and in names like Reimold and Zeile.

2) It is NOT hilarious to submit a completely fake ballot (especially when you're a regular commenter whose name I recognize). Google docs compiles the answers for me, but since they are fill-in-the-blank I have to hand tally them. That takes time, and morons thinking they're cute makes my job harder. And I do this all for you!


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