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Camdencast Episode 18 - Season Preview 2012

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Andrew and I had to behave in this podcast, or at least as much as we ever behave, because we were joined by our very own Bowser, Stacey Long, to preview the 2012 season for the Orioles. As a bonus, we even stayed on the subject of the Orioles for nearly the entire episode, other than just a little fascination with what I have dubbed the Marlinstrosity.

Stacey opens up by telling us about the new OPACY renovations, which she was invited to see yesterday as part of a media schmooze-fest at which the O's actually deigned to acknowledge they have bloggers - an unusual occurrence. She thinks you should try the hot dog topped with crab mac and cheese.

Moving along to the team that takes the field, we talk about whether we think any of the starters will end up with a sub-4.00 ERA, and which of the starters even have that potential (whether or not they realize it this season). For the position players, we talk about why we're down on Mark Reynolds and Chris Davis, and Andrew enlightens us as to why Matt Wieters is even better than we already believe him to be. Stacey and I finally pour out a forty for our long-mooted Nolan Reimold movie project - but it's not because we've given up hope that Nolan will be a good player.

Then there's the bullpen, with Andrew offering a vaguely controversial closer suggestion. To maximize our potential embarrassment at season's end, we all made picks as to who will get into the playoffs, the World Series matchup, and World Series winner. All three of us also guessed the Orioles' record. Who's the biggest optimist out of the three of us? Tune in and find out! This episode is about 52 minutes long.

The winner of the contest from last episode was SeanP - Sean, make sure Andrew is able to contact you so he can get your address and mail you your prize, Volume III of the Fielding Bible.

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If you've got any tips or suggestions, please let us know so we can bring you the best podcast that we can. We currently plan to be back with another podcast on Friday the 13th - perhaps with the return of a past guest, eh.