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Thursday Bird Droppings

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Last year's home opener. We get to do it again tomorrow!
Last year's home opener. We get to do it again tomorrow!

Tomorrow is Opening Day! I know we've already discussed it in earlier open threads (that I can't be bothered to go back and hunt down), but if you'll be at the game, let us know in the comments, include the section if you like. I seem to remember that a bunch of us will be in left field lower box. PaulFolk and I will be in section 80, row 17.

Matusz sharp in Orioles' exhibition loss to Triple-A Norfolk -
After losing to a community college two days ago, the Orioles lost to the Tides yesterday.

Talent helps Orioles' Robert Andino rise past tough history |
Nice story on Andino's background. But do people really throw cars into rivers after they break into them?

Orioles have built bullpen full of versatile veteran pitchers -
So in recording the podcast with the boys last night (it'll post later today) we discussed briefly how every year the media loves to talk about how the bullpen could be a strength of the O's. And here is that story for 2012.

Oriole Park at Camden Yards 20th Anniversary | Camden Crazies
Daniel Moroz was in attendance at yesterday's media event to unveil some new Oriole Park features. I was there as well; it's always nice running into Daniel. You can hear my thoughts on the event in today's podcast. Second podcast pimp in a row, woah!