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Introducting Full Count from Yahoo Sports and

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So last year during the football season, I was watching the Ravens at my dad's house and during halftime he flipped over to NFL Redzone to get highlights of the other games. Because it costs more to have Redzone where I live, I'd never seen the channel in action, and I thought it was great. I suggested to my dad that it would be a great idea to have the same thing for baseball because right now the only real option is the show they do on MLBN which isn't quite the same.

Well, Yahoo has just announced that they are releasing a feature that is a lot like NFL Redzone only unlike Redzone, it's free! The feature is called Full Count, and by signing up for it you'll be able to follow along from game to game and experience the best plays from around the majors as they happen. You'll also be able to pause and rewind what you're watching if you miss something or want to watch again.

In addition to the live look-ins, you'll also be able to hear live expert commentary and access up-to-the-second stats and scores. And if you don't want to have it up on your computer at all times, you can follow their Twitter feed for news about what will be coming up so that you know when to check in.

The concept certainly sounds like a good one and a good way for people like me who don't get MLBN to keep on top of the games as they unfold.

Yahoo! Sports and Full Count support SB Nation in the never-ending pursuit to know everything that’s going on in baseball—a quest that all-new Full Count aims to help with live, pause-able, rewind-able video of the biggest plays from around the league, and the hottest news and freshest analysis. All for free. Sign up at today!