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SBN Pick 6 is here!

Pick 6
Pick 6
I'm sure that some of you have heard of SBN's plans to launch a daily fantasy game called Pick 6. Some of you may have played it last year when it was housed on FanGraphs. Well if you liked playing it then, or you've looked forward to playing it on SBN, or if this is first heard for you but you like the idea of trash talking your fellow Camden Chatters about your superior baseball knowledge, that day is here!

The great thing about Pick 6 is that it's a daily league. There is no season-long committment, so if you're too busy or too absent minded (the latter is me) for a grueling six-month long fantasy league, Pick 6 might be for you. Here is how it works:

Each day, users can choose six players to fill out their daily roster: a catcher, corner infielder, middle infielder, outfielder, starting pitcher, and relief pitcher.

The twist? Each user only has $120 of imaginary money to spend per day, and each player has a different cost. Player values are determined by their production and their popularity in Pick 6. So if 90% of Pick 6 players choose Matt Wieters as their catcher one day one, on day two his price will go up.

Successful users will strike a balance between expensive players and under-the-radar talent to take their lineup to the next level. Since this is a daily game there is no draft, no lengthy sign-up process - just you competing against fellow blog members.

EME and I participated in the beta testing for the game and had a lot of fun picking our teams, but since we were the only Camden Chatters doing so the trash talk was kind of lame. If you want to join us, click here. Eventually there will be a widget on the top left side of this blog for easy access. Come back during and after games to see how you and your friends did.

If we have enough participation I'm planning on writing a post celebrating the weekly winners and mocking the weekly losers. There might even be prizes involved! Stay tuned for that.

Good luck and Play Ball! Play Pick 6 now.