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Around the minors: week 5!

Mar 5, 2012; Port Charlotte, FL, USA; Wondering about Matt Antonelli?  Wonder no more!  Spoiler: you probably shouldn't.  For now at least. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-US PRESSWIRE
Mar 5, 2012; Port Charlotte, FL, USA; Wondering about Matt Antonelli? Wonder no more! Spoiler: you probably shouldn't. For now at least. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-US PRESSWIRE

Norfolk continues to tread water in 3rd place in their division. Xavier Avery had a very strong week, and has slash line now looks like this: 252/362/429/790 with a K/BB of 28/20 in 119 at bats. His walk percentage is impressive, and his iso is 177. How high are you on Xavier Avery? What should the Orioles do with him? Chris Tillman has a 5.10 ERA in 30.1 innings, with a K/BB of 26/15. On the plus side his WHIP is now down to 1.70. His GB/FB ratio has also gone down over the week, and is now at 1.40 for the season. Other Tide notes: Jai Miller has really been focusing on decreasing his strikeouts and is now at 48 in 92 at bats. Matt Antonelli has a better OPS than Ryan Adams, but it's a sad race at 650 to 639. 3E1N has an ERA over 6. Steve Johnson continues to keep his prospect hopes alive due to a 3.38 ERA.

Bowie is a half game out of last place. Manny Machado has had a strong week and is now posting the following line: 264/378/425/802. The 19 year old has a K/BB of 24/19 in 106 at bats. Jonathan Schoop continues the battle toward respectability, and is now slashing 212/278/298/576 with a K/BB of 26/8 in 104 at bats. LJ Hoes is batting 303/403/412/815 with a K/BB of 22/19 in 119 at bats. Tyler Townsend continues to be on the DL. Bobby Bundy has had a nice week, and his ERA for the season has dropped considerably and now lies at 4.26 in 38 innings with a K/BB of 26/16. Obviously you want to see him miss more bats. Other Baysox of note: Ronnie Welty is OPSing 851 with 13 strikeouts in 51 at bats.

More below the jump, including shiny Dylan Bundy ratios!

Frederick continues to be in last place. Trent Mummey is still hurt. There is a modicum of pitching though: 22 y/o RHP Mike Wright continues to do well, with a 2.62 ERA in 34.1 IP, and a K/BB of 23/4. It looks like good control, but does he miss enough bats? Kyle Simon sports an ugly 5.87 ERA, but his K/BB is 22/5 in 30.2 innings and continues to get ground balls to the tune of a GB/FB of 3.00. Clayton Schrader was pierced again, his ERA ballooning to 1.02 in 17.2 innings with a K/BB of 25/15. His K/BB was much stronger last year, so I'm not sure what's going on with some of the walks. Something to watch during the season. Other Key notes: friend of the blog Jason Gurka has a 14/3 K/BB in 13.1 IP with an ERA of 1.35 and a GB/FB ration of 1/1. Working his way back from injury, Ryan Berry has thrown 3 scoreless innings, striking out 3 and walking 2.

Delmarva stands a game under 500 after 31 games. Dylan Bundy is what he is, with a 33/2 K/BB in 20 IP with an ERA of 0.00. He has allowed 2 hits. Speaking of guys who should be in Frederick in short order, Tim Berry has a 31/10 K/BB in 29.1 IP with an ERA of 3.68. Parker Bridwell's ERA went up a tick this week, and now sits at 4.21 in 25.2 IP with a K/BB of 18/7. 19 y/o southpaw Eduardo Rodriguez has a 2.70 ERA in 20 IP in Delmarva with a K/BB of 10/8 with a GB/FB ratio of 2.06. Obviously you want to see him strikeout more hitters, but perhaps he is busy working on his craftiness? Zach Davies has a 3.74 ERA in 21.2 IP with a K/BB of 15/8.

Nicky Delmonico had a really strong week, and the 19 year old left handed hitting IF is now posting a line of 269/372/404/776 with a K/BB of 25/16 in 104 at bats. Gabriel Lino turns 19 next week (fyi duck!) and is slashing 264/330/402/732 with a K/BB of 27/7 in 87 at bats. Glynn Davis continues to struggle, and is now posting the following line: 265/346/283/629 stealing 10 out of 13 bags with a K/BB of 28/15 in 113 at bats. Johnny Ruettiger has been out of the lineup the last week, so his slash line stands at 323/394/385/780 with a K/BB of 18/12 in 96 at bats. Jason Esposito's discouraging start continues unabated though his OPS actually increased 17 points, 237/336/263/599. You have to wonder where the power is, right? Other Shorebird notes: Connor Narron's OPS is closing in on 700, David Baker is now back with the Shorebirds with a 2/2 K/BB in 3.1 IP. Good to see the kid back this year; will be interesting to see if he can maintain his K/9 in 2012.