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Pick 6 Contest - Day 1 Results

Day one of this week's Pick 6 contest is over, and for the first time (I think), we had a tie for the lead. jesuswieters and HolyO's both scored 55.1 to take the early daily lead in the contest. They take the early lead for highest daily score, but I don't think that'll hold up. Here is the weekly top ten so far:

Camden Chatter Weekly Score
jesuswieters 55.1
HolyOs 55.1
Eat More Esskay 53.1
UH-60 50.7
WestcoastO'sFan 50.5
Benhem612 49.5
mattyd08 49.3
odawg36 46.4
Zeke McGeek 44.2
daveh873 43.9

Full Leaderboard

Games start today at 1:05 so it's a short day to get picks in.

One request: I know that Pick 6 talk is going to bleed into the open threads and the game threads, but if you try to keep most of the conversation to this post, it'll be nice for those who don't play.

Click through the jump to see the Pick 6 Hall of Shame (suggested by James F):

Just as there are people who seem to be pretty good at Pick 6, there are some (myself included), who are terrible. For example, last night I scored 5.3 points. That's not a lie! That was good for 135th place. James F, who suggested this because of his own failures in the game, scored 16.2 yesterday.

Camden Chatter Terrible Score
PaulFolk 6.5
Parkinglotninja 6.4
OsandRoyals 6.3
Stacey 5.3
HomerunKid 4.3
ZHFrost 1.9
ShadowedFlames 0.2
Jcorn321 -0.6
Emperor Lrrr -1.5
wolfpackshawn -6.1