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Pick 6 Weekly Contest - Day 2 Results

Day two of our Pick 6 contest is in the books and zsiv took home the top score for Tuesday with 77.7 points and a heck of a start from his 50 cent catcher, A.J. Pierzynski. The rest of the top five for yesterday day were sjtoomey (66.6), Mark E (66.1), UH-60 (66.1), and kba26 (62.9). Pick 6 newcomer zknower flashed some beginner's luck with 60.6, good enough for seventh place.

zsiv's score of 77.7 is the new daily leader, and here is your weekly top ten:

Camden Chatter Score
UH-60 116.8
WestcoastO'sFan 101.5
Holymittens 100.3
T.L. Mann 100
zsiv 95.1
kba26 93.7
scratch57 90.2
sjtoomey 89.8
daveh873 85.4
Chasin Wieterfalls 82.4

Full Weekly Leaderboard

Today's games start at 6:35 p.m., so you have all day to make your picks. And remember, if you haven't played every day so far this week, you still have a chance to win. The highest daily total wins a prize along with the highest weekly total. And even if you missed the first two days, one 50-point day from Chris Davis would have you right back in this thing!

Hall of Shame through the jump!

Yesterday's ten lowest scores:

Camden Chatter Terrible Score
TBA 3.2
Redskincow 3
funcrusher78 2.9
capsfankaufman 2.7
jeffk126 2.6
Eat More Esskay 1.6
Pack Man -1
brek -2
testudo13 -11
Bmorerush23 -11

That's quite a fall for EME, who was on the leaderboard yesterday. I'm just glad not to see myself on there.