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Around the Minors, week 6!

May 14, 2012; Baltimore, MD, USA; I somehow doubt Xavery misses Norfolk. Mandatory Credit: Joy R. Absalon-US PRESSWIRE
May 14, 2012; Baltimore, MD, USA; I somehow doubt Xavery misses Norfolk. Mandatory Credit: Joy R. Absalon-US PRESSWIRE

Norfolk maintains a hold on 3rd place. Now that Xavier Avery has been promoted, there is very little prospect wise in Norfolk. 23 year old Ty Kelly skipped Bowie on his way to Norfolk. I would assume the organization does not consider him much of a prospect, and certainly wasn't going to move around Manny Machado or Jonathan Schoop. Nonetheless the switch hitting infielder did post a K/BB of 22/19 in Frederick in 95 at bats. Chris Tillman is in AAA and continues to rack up the strikeouts (and walks) with a K/BB of 39/19 in 41.1 IP with an ERA of 4.79 and an unseemly WHIP of 1.67. Norfolk notables: Neither Ryan Adams nor Matt Antonelli nor Joe Mahoney have an OPS north of 650. Jai Miller has 60 Ks in 115 at bats. Imagine if he faced Chris Tillman! Steve Johnson has 36 strikeouts in 42.2 IP but a GB/FB ratio of 0.47. Do you consider him a prospect? And for those keeping score at home, Josh Bell is batting 398 for the Dbacks AAA team, though their affiliate may be on the moon, or at least in Nevada somewhere.

The Baysox are in last in the Western Division of the Eastern League (there has to be a tom waits lyric in there somewhere), and they have lost 7 of 10. Manny Machado is moving right along, OPS 776 over the last 10 and his slash line is now 250/358/398/756 with a K/BB of 29/21 in 128 at bats. Seems to be doing very well for a 19 year old. From a 19 year old to a 20 year old, Jonathan Schoop continues to adjust to the EL, OPSing 955 over his last 10, raising his slash line to 244/305/346/651 with a K/BB of 29/10 in 127 at bats; his OPS for the season went up 75 points in a week. LJ Hoes had a week to forget, with an OPS of 554 over his last 10. He is now slashing 280/376/385/760. Speaking of tough weeks, Bobby Bundy. After getting roughed up this week, he now carries a 5.27 ERA in 42.2 IP, with a K/BB of 28/17. Baysox bits: Tyler Townsend and Ronnie Welty are on the DL. Oliver Drake should be pitching soon in Bowie, according to Melewski.

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The prospect deficient Frederick Keys are securely in last place. However, Trent Mummey has returned with a bang! His OPS stands at 593, but I will continue to monitor him over the next few weeks in this segment and in the QTM dailies. Johnny Ruettiger is now in Frederick! He is hitless in five at bats, but he'll certainly be added to the nightly tracker. Mike Wright had a tough start this week, but still has a strong ERA of 3.35 and a K/BB of 27/4 in 40.1 IP. You probably want to see more missed bats, but you have to like the walk numbers. Kyle Simon, on the other hand, had a nice start this week, and has a 30/8 K/BB in 41 IP with a GB/FB ratio of 2.28, though his ERA is at 5.05. Clayton Schrader continues to rack up the strikeouts and the walks, and now has a K/BB of 28/19 in 19.2 IP. Though he has a minuscule ERA of 0.92, the walks per 9 is obviously a problem. Minor Keys: Jason Gurka has 19 Ks in 19.1 IP, Ryan Berry had a tough week and now sports a K/BB of 5/4 and has given up 8 ER in 9.2 IP, last year's 10th rounder, 22 y/o RHP Trent Wilson was promoted to Frederick this week and had a nice start. In Delmarva this year, he had a K/BB of 29/11 in 32 IP. Matt Bywater has always possessed an ability to miss bats, and has struck out 8 in his first 5 innings in the Carolina League.

OK, Delmarva! Delmarva is 18-20 and in 4th place in their division. I'm going to pass on going too crazy on Dylan Bundy love as a ton of bandwidth gets spent on him every 5 days, but here are his numbers for Oriole fan mumbling "2005, 2005, 2005" today: 36/2 K/BB in 25 innings, 4 hits and a GB/FB ratio of 1.44 with an ERA of 0.00. Zachary Davies has been no slouch either, with a K/BB of 19/11 in 25.2 IP. Hopefully he can get some starts in the near future. Tim Berry had a tough start this week, and is now posting a rather pedestrian ERA of 4.72 with a K/BB ratio of 35/12. Parker Bridwell is not off to the best of starts, now with an ERA of 5.19 and a K/BB of 23/14 in 34.2 IP. Eduardo Rodriguez had a nice start this week and now has a K/BB of 15/9 in 26 IP with an ERA of 2.42.

Nicky Delmonico's OPS over the last week fell, but still is posting the following line: 256/356/380/736. You have to like the start for the 19 year old. Gabriel Lino also had a tough week, and his line is now down to 245/314/368/681, though before you get discouraged he has essentially skipped a level as he was in the GCL last year. Glynn Davis has shown some life over the last 10 games, and is now OPSing 659 on the season after a tough 4 weeks. For the year his line is 268/349/310/659 with a K/BB of 35/19 in 142 at bats. Jason Esposito has warmed up over the last 10 days with an OPS of 868 over those contests, and has now raised his slash line to 255/348/298/646, though he does have 3 doubles in the last 5 games.