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Pick 6 Weekly Contest - Day 3 Update

First, let me address the concern that zknower raised over Jim Johnson's score being incorrect. It is still showing him as having 2.4 points and he should have 7.4. I don't know why it hasn't updated, but I checked the top twenty or so on the daily leaderboard and it shouldn't affect the top rankings too much. So if you look at the weekly or daily leaderboard later today, it might be off a bit. Maybe the Pick 6 guy they keep locked in a closet to do the updates fell asleep.

Today's first game is early, 12:05, so the clock is ticking for you to get in your picks.

Now, let me congratulate yesterday's daily winner, HIO'sFan! 61 points was enough for the lead yesterday, and following him were jacob.raim (58.1), dukespike20 (57.7), Mr. Bumstead (56.5), and capsfankaufman (53.5)

zsiv's 77.7 from the Tuesday is still good enough for the highest daily score. Your top ten weekly players:

Camden Chatter Score
zsiv 142.3
UH-60 140.2
scratch57 137.7
BWoot10 126.5
T.L. Mann 125.4
The Josh 123
Chasin Wieterfalls 120.6
Zeke McGeek 117
brooksflow 114.5
Holymittens 114.2

Full Weekly Leaderboard

On to the Hall of Shame!

Yesterday's 10 lowest scores:

Camden Chatter Bad Score
Esquelito 2.2
John Stephens 2.1
Solomania12 1.6
j.q. higgins -2.6
thegoodTK -5.2
OsandRoyals -6.8
punkrawka -8.2
O! -8.9
Nome -15.5
bwtchd9 -19.2

Personally, I'd like to thank Adam Jones. Not only did he hit the go-ahead home run in the 15th inning to help the Orioles win, he scored enough points with that home run to keep me out of the bottom five. No thanks are given to Monsieur Bedard.