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Pick 6 Weekly Contest - Day 5 Update

Going into yesterday, the highest daily score was 79, but yesterday we had four players top it. Leading the pack was Nick Markaces, who had two players (Justin Verlander and J.P. Arencibia) with over 30 points and totaled 87.8. The rest of the daily top five are OriolesMagic218 (83.1), BRT721 (79.6), dukespike20 (79.4), and Mayne_Event (66). The complete leaderboard is here.

So Nick Markaces takes the daily lead with 87.8. Here is the weekly top ten:

Camden Chatter Score
dukespike20 246.2
NickMarkaces 231.3
zsiv 222.4
BR721 220.3
capsfankaufman 214
tjk 209.9
HIO'sFan 203.8
Zeke McGeek 202.6
Luke E 201.4
daveh873 196.5

There are just two days left in the contest. Who. Will. Own. It. Get todays' picks in by 1:05 p.m.

Hall of Shame below the jump.

Yesterday's ten worst scores:

Camden Chatter Icky Score
nattybroh 2.9
oriolefreak 2.7
Birdland in NC 0.4
ilovewaffles 0.2
twistedlogic -0.3
dustin2762 -0.5
DaveAA -3
Nome -3.7
Christopher Claxton -4.7
MrBumstead -5.4

A point of personal embarrassment: I managed to pick Verlander, who scored 30.2 points, but the rest of my team combined for just 6.3.