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Pick Six Weekly Contest - Day 6 Update

Luke E was yesterday's daily winner with 75.9 points. Not quite good enough to top the current daily lead of 87.8, held by Nick Markaces. Rounding out the top five for yesterday were daveh873 (68.7), ryan2131 (64.5), Steve. (61.8), and Jakattak88 (59.8). Full leaderboard for yesterday is here.

There is just one day left in this week's contest, so get your picks in by 1:05 today if you hope to topple Nick Markaces' one-day total of 87.8 or to knock dukespike20 out of the top weekly spot.

Top ten for the week:

Camden Chatter Week's Score
dukespike20 300.7
Luke E 277.3
NickMarkaces 270.5
zsiv 265.3
daveh873 265.2
tjk 258.1
BR721 255.4
HIO'sFan 240.6
scratch57 240.2
Jakattak88 236.7

As always, hall of shame below the jump:

Camden Chatter Low Score
Parkinglotninja 7.8
Jmgreenhill 7.5
jeffk126 3.9
Zeke McGeek 0.6
matman008 -0.1
Timbo Slice -1.6
Andrew_G -8.5
SibiGnana -10.5
Cal4Commish -13.1
siglin83 -21.1