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Camdencast Episode 22 - Specters of the Past

The Orioles have cleared the gauntlet with their record still intact, and that was great, but the specters of the past still haunt O's fans - or at least me, anyway. Andrew and I try to figure out what's for real and what's not through the surprising success of the first quarter of the season.

Along the way, we revisit some of our preseason predictions for the Orioles, including revised win projections, which I was guilted into making by Andrew while we were recording, so that you all can give me plenty of crap for being wrong a second time. Some other highlights include:

* A whole lot of Adam Jones contract talk, with recent O's who got extensions and how they worked out
* Andrew and I's favorite article that was written about game 162 of last year
* The Red Sox as a horror movie villain
* Andrew and I bandy about ideas for what to do about the third base situation and mostly decide we hate them all

This episode has a run time of about 49 minutes. An embedded player is below the jump for your listening convenience.

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Camdencast remains safe for work, provided that your boss doesn't mind you listening to podcasts instead of while doing work.

Feedback is always appreciated. Thanks for your continued support in listening to our little show. We'll be back again! Unless something significantly awesome (or horrible) happens in the meantime, we expect to next record on May 31, to post on June 1.