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Pick 6 Weekly Contest - Winners! Plus, a new contest begins!

Congratulations to Nick Markaces and zsiv! Markaces' top daily score of 87.8 earned him the win for the daily category, and zsiv won the weekly with 340.5. You'll both be contacted by SBN regarding your prize.

We had 185 total people participate in this week's contest. If you haven't played yet, check it out! I think it's fun, and I'm terrible.

Here is the final top ten for the week. Below the jump is the Hall of Shame for the week, so check that out too.

Camden Chatter Score
zsiv 340.5
daveh873 333.6
dukespike20 326.8
Luke E 315.2
tjk 303.7
capsfankaufman 293.7
HIO'sFan 285.6
BR721 280.7
NickMarkaces 278.5
brooksflow 266.4

Full Weekly Leaderboard

Yesterday's Daily Leaderboard

We start a new contest this week! Same deal: top daily score and top weekly score take home this sweet prize:


First game tonight is7:05, go you have all day to get those picks in.

Camden Chatter Worst Weekly Score
Casadilla 15.7
lmterps 14.5
clarkbmiller 11.5
HomerunKid 4.3
OsandRoyals 2.4
Esquelito 2.2
Jcorn321 -0.6
RealSteel -1.4
brek -2
oriolekid -12.5