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Pick 6 Weekly Contest - Day 2 Update

Yesterday's daily winner in Pick 6 was Pack Man with 70.4 points. That also passes CStoneNo37's high score from Monday for the current highest daily total. Well done, Pack Man! The rest of the top five for yesterday are Nome (69.7), JimIsBored (68.2), bigdaddyb00 (63.7) and tflach2 (61.5). Click here for yesterday's full leaderboard.

First game today starts at 12:35, so get those picks in!

After two days of cumulative scores, Nome is in first place for the weekly high score with 120.1. The top ten:

Camden Chatter Weekly Score
Nome 120.1
bigdaddyb00 112.3
tflach2 103.6
j.q. higgins 102.6
Gromm 101.9
mdterps0325 98.9
JimIsBored 97.8
CStoneNo37 91.9
alistairlp 91.1
zsiv 90.1

Full Weekly Leaderboard

Hall of Shame below the jump, in which I made my second consecutive appearance. Damn you Brandon Beachy and Prince Fielder!

Camden Chatter Weekly Score
Knowles -0.7
Emperor Lrrr -1.5
Br10n -1.7
NSOsFan -2.7
HIO'sFan -3.7
Stacey -4.1
Keysta101 -4.2
Knubles and Bits -6
chuckthefan -9.6
odawg36 -12.8