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Around the Minors week 7!

PHOENIX, AZ - MAY 21:  Do you miss me like you said you would? (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
PHOENIX, AZ - MAY 21: Do you miss me like you said you would? (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
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Norfolk is a game out of last place. Chris Tillman did not have the best outing this week, giving up 4 ER in five and a third, and for the season his ERA is 5.01 in 46.2 IP (3.46 FIP) with a K/BB of 43/21. It is interesting to see what the Orioles are thinking of doing with him; you would figure if the Orioles had've given up on him as a starter, he would be relieving in Norfolk, but he's not. The start of 2012 has been uneven at best for Tillman, the K/9, increased ground ball rate and acceptable FIP has to be encouraging, but his WHIP stands at 1.69. Disco Stu Pomeranz continues to not allow runs, and his AAA line for the year is 10 scoreless, 2 hits, K/BB of 15/2. Tide notes: Ty Kelly is OPSing 838 in his first 8 games above Frederick, we shall see how he fares after a few months, Jai Miller's K/AB is at 66/129. Steve Johnson had a rain shortened start this week and only went 2 innings, his ERA is a 2.42 (FIP 3.17) in 44.2 IP with a K/BB of 36/13 but a GB/FB ratio of 0.45. Really is a shame he didn't make the Giants squad a few years back.

Bowie is now in sole possession of last place. Manny Machado continues to be be respectable, OPSing 834 over his last 10, and for the year is 271/363/419/782 with a K/BB of 36/21 in 155 at bats. Jonathan Schoop's march toward respectability hit a bump in the road over the last week, with an OPS of 479 over his last 10, and his slash line for the season stands at 227/285/313/598 with a K/BB of 35/10 in 150 at bats. LJ Hoes had a better week this week with an OPS of 736 over his last 10 games, and for the season his slash line stands at 277/372/292/763 with a K/BB of 28/24 in 166 at bats. Oliver Drake has returned to Bowie after starting the year injured; you may recall he jumped onto prospect radars with a strong 2011 campaign in Frederick, but really struggled in Bowie after his promotion. This year he has looked solid in 12 innings, 3 ER on 8 hits and a walk, striking out 12 and keeping the ball on the ground as evidenced by a GB/FB ratio of 2.25. Bobby Bundy didn't have the best start this week either, and for the year his ERA stands at 5.26 in 49.2 IP (FIP of 4.45) with a K/BB of 33/17 and a GB/FB of 1.02. Tyler Townsend continues to be on the DL. Cole McCurry has 22 walks in 45 innings. Southpaw Mike Belfiore, compensation for Josh Bell (and now part of the Bedard deal?) has a K/BB of 32/6 in 21 innings in AA this year.

More slash lines below the jump!

Frederick continues to reside in last place. Trent Mummey is having a great return from the disabled list, and over his last 10 games has an OPS of 899. For the season, his line is 241/333/337/671 with a K/BB of 9/10 in 83 at bats. It will take sometime for him to dig out of the hole he dug himself, but he has gotten up off the mat. Johnny Ruettiger seems to be bringing some of the positives from Delmarva to Frederick, in his first 10 games as a Key is slashing 290/389/355/744 with 5 steals in 6 attempts. Would like to see the 22 year old work on improving his ISO before getting too excited. Mike Wright had a nice start this week, and for the season his ERA is at 2.91 (FIP 3.27) with a K/BB of 35/5 in 46.1 IP and a 1.09 GB/FB ratio. Kyle Simon had a nice start this week as well, and for the year his ERA stands at 4.40 (FIP of 4.83), with a K/BB of 33/13 in 47 IP, with 2.55 GB/FB ratio. Clayton Schrader has worked on his walks this week, as he posted an 11/1 K/BB in 5 innings (11 of 15 outs via the strikeout!); for the year his line is 0/73 ERA in 24.1 IP with a K/BB of 39/20. Hopefully he has made whatever correction needed to be made. Jason Gurka has 21 Ks in 21.1 IP.

Delmarva has lost Dylan Bundy as I'm sure you know by now, I'm not able to confirm Salisbury has given him a key to the city, which may or may not be a backhoe of some sort. 30 scoreless innings, 40/2 K/BB, 5 hits. When will he be humbled in Frederick? Tim Berry had a better start this week, and for the season the lefty has a 4.35 ERA (3.51 FIP) in 41.1 IP with a K/BB of 40/14. Parker Bridwell's season has been up and down all year, and for now his ERA is 4.87 in 40.2 IP with a K/BB of 26/15. Eduardo Rodriguez is doing well for a 19 y/o in the SALLY and has a 1.97 ERA (3.68 FIP) in 32 IP with a K/BB of 19/10. Zachary Davies had a start to forget this week, giving up 7 ER in 4 IP, and for the season his numbers now stand at 4.85 ERA in 29.2 IP with a K/BB of 21/15.

Nicky Delmonico has been raking of late, with a 956 OPS over his last 10, and for the season is now posting the following slash line: 275/364/451/815 with a K/BB of 32/19 in 153 at bats. Really impressive. Glynn Davis continues to struggle, and is now slashing 253/344/301/645 with a K/BB of 37/23 in 166 at bats and is 13/16 in SBs. Jason Esposito has turned the power on over the last 10 (ISO of 214), and for the year is now slashing 257/340/335/676 with a K/BB of 35/18 in 167 at bats. Gabriel Lino's OPS over the last 10 games is 317. Don't let him near Dylan Bundy. For the season: 220/281/325/607. He needs some help right now, hopefully the Orioles can deliver it.

FWIW, FIP numbers obtained from MiLB is a great resource as well.