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Who's Who on Camden Chat? Part 3

It was mentioned in an open thread last week that we haven't had a Who's Who post in quite some time, and with a lot of new Camden Chatters this season it seems like a good time to have another go round.

The first Who's Who was posted by daveh873 on May 14, 2008 and was updated several times. Check that one out if you like.

The second Who's Who was posted on March 31, 2011.

The point is just to introduce yourself and a few things about you so we can know everyone in the community better. So everyone, tell us! Whether you're an old timer like zknower or you joined yesterday, if you have 50,000 comments or 0, I'd like to meet you!

I'll get the ball rolling, even though not much has changed from the last Who's Who for me. I've been a member of Camden Chat since 2005 (although I lurked for months and months) and took over for Scott when he left the blog in 2009. Favorite video game: Dr. Mario. Favorite non-video game: Scrabble. Pet peeve: when people ask where I live and when I say Baltimore they ask if I'm afraid I'll get murdered. Favorite beer: Corona (I'm not ashamed!). I have a boyfriend named Paul Folk, he's the one on this site who writes game recaps that are much better than mine. But if you asked him who my boyfriend is, he'd say J.J. Hardy.

OK, that's all I can think of right now. Tell me about yourself! Whatever you want to say! (as long as it's not creepy)