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Pick 6 Contest Update - Day 5

My apologies for not posting an update yesterday, but I had internet troubles at home and an long day ahead of me at work. I'm sure you were all heartbroken! But congrats to Wednesday's daily winner, tjk! His 80 points put him in first place in the daily contest, but it was a short reign.

Yesterday, bigdaddyb00 scored 83.3 points and is not is first for the daily contest. Check out the full leaderboard here.

Tonight's games don't start until 7:05 so you have plenty of time to get your picks in. Yesterday was the first day since Pick 6 started that I forgot to make my picks before the noon deadline, but given my recent history I probably just saved myself another day in the Hall of Shame.

Top ten for the week:

1 Nome -- 236.2
2 bigdaddyb00 -- 230.9
3 birdbrain.8 -- 217.1
4 Mayne_Event -- 205.1
5 tflach2 -- 193.0
6 WestcoastO'sFan -- 189.5
7 Brotz13 -- 189.0
8 JimIsBored -- 185.4
9 Gromm -- 184.2
10 zsiv -- 183.1

Full weekly leaderboard.