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Around the Minors: Week 4!

BOSTON - JULY 04:  Josh Bell is doing well in the PCL, finally free of the ridiculous hat adorned by Juan Samuel.  (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
BOSTON - JULY 04: Josh Bell is doing well in the PCL, finally free of the ridiculous hat adorned by Juan Samuel. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
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Norfolk maintains third place in their division, a game out of last (i.e. 4th). Xavier Avery had a tough week, and after 24 games is now slashing 215/345/344/689, with 25 strikeouts in 93 at bats but also 18 walks. He is 8 for 8 in stolen bases this year. The strikeouts are a concern, but you have to like the 18 walks and potentially accept that strikeouts are a part of a guy working the count, and he has a decent ISO for a CF who can also steal bases. So he continues to be inconsistent! Speaking of which...Chris Tillman. I try not to think of the times where I thought he would be a good #2. In 24 innings, he has a 5.63 ERA, a 1.79 WHIP and a K/BB of 24/14. What is Rick Peterson trying to do with him? He has the raw materials, but clearly cannot put it together. He does have a GB/FB of 1.53, so that and his K/9 is some room for encouragement. Other notes on the Tides: Jai Miller K/AB update: 37/71, Antonelli's OBP: 385 despite a BA of 222. 3E1N has a 6.17 ERA. Steve Johnson has a shiny ERA of 2.38 and a K/BB of 23/6 in 22 innings, but a GB/FB ratio of 0.38...he needs to be freed to Petco. Josh Bell is hitting 471 in the PCL. Dana Eveland has a 2.56 ERA through 31.2 innings, he was also born two weeks after the last Orioles World Series victory and was born in Olympia, home of Sleater Kinney.

Bowie is 11-15, percentage points out of last place. Manny Machado is slashing 241/356/391/747 with a K/BB of 21/15 in 87 ABs. Considering his age, it's been a nice first month for Machado in AA, though his numbers certainly aren't eye popping. Jonathan Schoop's struggles continue, now posting a line of 189/245/278/523. I really would hate to demote him, but I think if he isn't OPSing north of 650 in a month, you have to consider it, or am I overreacting to a SSS? Speaking of bad news, Tyler Townsend has found his way to another DL this week, this time with a hamstring injury. Even though he has cooled off after an extraordinarily hot start, his power numbers in the EL allow us all to dream: 247/337/521/858. Outfielder prospect LJ Hoes is fully recovered from a slow start, now up to 270/409/361/770. Bobby Bundy has now logged in 5 starts and 26 innings, with an ERA of 5.88 and a K/BB of 17/12 with a GB/FB ratio of 0.79. Other notes: Ronnie Welty has returned to Bowie, and is off to a hot start in his first handful of games, OPSing 957. Last year he struck out 32% of his at bats, so it will be interesting to note that this year, so far in AA: it's 9 out of 32. He's no Jai Miller I suppose. Jacob Pettit has been generating some buzz, but it's also true that he is 25 and while he has a 2.96 ERA in 27.1 innings, has managed to post a K/BB of 13/7. And! Zach Clark has a K/BB of 18/5 in 29.2 innings and a strong GB/FB of 2.67 (h/t to my partner in crime!)

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Frederick is also tied for last place in their division. Trent Mummey is on the DL retroactive to 4/23. Clayton Schrader continues to impress, with a 22/10 K/BB in 15.2 IP and an ERA of 0.57. After throwing 22 innings in Delmarva, Schrader has now thrown 39 in Frederick (over the last 2 years). When does the just turned 22 year old get promoted? Mike Wright is also looking like a prospect, in 28 innings has a K/BB of 19/4, with a GB/FB ratio of 1.18, a WHIP of 1.21 and an ERA of 3.21. Kyle Simon has struggled a bit in Fredneck, in 25.2 IP, he has a K/BB of 20/4 and a superlative GB/FB of 3.07, but a WHIP of 1.60. You have to like the K/BB and the GB/FB, but his FIP is still 4.77. Notes from Frederick County: Ryan Berry is back! So it will be interesting to see him get some innings under his belt!

Delmarva is in 4th out of a 7 team division currently. Dylan Bundy. What can be said about him? I won't add much other than pointing out his ratios: 25/2 K/BB in 17 innings and has allowed one hit. He is definitely coming up a which way sign, cannot stay long in Salisbury. Timothy Berry has a K/BB of 25/9 in 23.1 innings, a 3.47 ERA and a 1.04 GB/FB ratio. Am waiting for him to be promoted. Parker Bridwell had a nice start this week, and now sports a 14/7 K/BB in 20 innings with a 4.05 ERA. Eduardo Rodriguez continues to hold his own in Salisbury, now with a 2.57 ERA in a mere 14 innings, with a GB/FB of 2.50 and a K/BB of 8/7. Zach Davies had a tough outing this week, and for the year the 19 year old righty has a 4.08 ERA and a K/BB of 14/7 in 17.2 innings.

Gabriel Lino is slashing 299/368/463/831 with a K/BB of 19/6 in 67 at bats. Johnny Ruettiger 323/394/385/780. Nicky Delmonico has rebounded from a slow start, 253/366/405/771. The 19 y/o left handed hitting infielder is showing impressive patience and a very nice ISO. Glynn Davis has had a tough week, and is now batting 264/356/287/643 for the young season. Jason Esposito also had a tough week, and is now slashing 222/327/256/582 with a K/BB of 24/12 in 90 at bats. Other Shorebird notes: Connor Narron has an OPS of 679, Tyler Wilson has a K/BB of 18/6 in 22 innings, Jake Cowan had a disastrous outing and now has a K/BB of 10/14 in 14 innings, Miguel Chalas had a tough outing this week, giving up 7 earned runs in 2.1 innings.