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Ten Great Instances of Baltimore Orioles Facial Hair

This isn't a top ten list, because I'm sure I'm missing some awesomely mustachioed Orioles who played before my time. So this is just a small sampling of great facial hair in team history. We've got sideburns, we've got mustaches, we've got beards. If I'm missing your favorite hairy Oriole, put a picture in the comments for all to enjoy.

Of course, much of the Orioles recent history lacks a plethora of crazy facial hair due to a rule that allowed only neat mustaches. Kevin Millar campaigned for Beards for Birds but was denied, and it was only in 2011 that the facial hair policy was relaxed to allow goatees and beards and such. So without further ado, I present ten players who wore their facial hair well in their time in Baltimore.


OK, I said this isn't a top ten list, and it's not, but I am declaring that Eddie Murray has the coolest facial hair in Orioles history. That would be sense given that he's the coolest person in Orioles history. The size of Eddie's mustache and its proximity to his awesome sideburns varied over the years, but no matter how he wore it, he wore it well. So well, in fact, that you can now buy a t-shirt that honors his style. I'm not really sure what's going on with this baseball card, though. Why does it say bust? Is it announcing that Eddie is a bust? Surely that's not the case. Is it just a trophy being labeled as a bust? Maybe our friend Brotz13 can help us out.

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Brady Anderson


Sammy Stewart


Rick Sutcliffe


Alan Mills


Gregg Olson


Ross Grimsley


John Lowenstein


Koji Uehara


Mike Flanagan

Koji Uehara photo copyright Greg Fiume/Getty Images