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Pick Six Contest Update

We have two days down in this week's contest, and our current daily leader is Mr. Bumstead who scored a whopping 99.7 points last night! His team was led by the good Dr. Jones, whose two home runs, two walks, and a single led to 38.6 points. Check out yesterday's full leaderboard here.

Here is the current weekly top ten:

1 MrBumstead 105.1
2 BR721 104.0
3 T.L. Mann 103.7
4 alistairlp 95.2
5 Zeke McGeek 94.6
6 UH-60 93.5
7 Bmorerush23 93.3
8 UIWWildthing 91.5
9 Jakattak88 91.5
10 Robert R 89.3

Full weekly leaderboard

It's an early day for games so you only have until 12:05 to get those picks in.