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Around the Minors: week 8

SARASOTA, FL - MARCH 01:  Do you know who I am?  Will I be pitching in the late innings in a ballpark near you?  (Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images)
SARASOTA, FL - MARCH 01: Do you know who I am? Will I be pitching in the late innings in a ballpark near you? (Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images)
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Norfolk is now in last place having lost 7 of 10. Xavier Avery has returned to the Tides and has gone 1-4 since his return. Chris Tillman now has an ERA of 4.78 and a FIP of 3.38 in 52.2 innings, allowing 63 hits and a K/BB of 49/24. There is more and more to like about his line this season, once you get past the WHIP of 1.65, true. Other notes for the Tides: Steady from last week, Steve Johnson has a 2.62 ERA in 44.2 IP with a K/BB of 36/13 but a GB/FB of 0.45, his FIP though is 3.19. Miguel Tejada and Lew Ford are among other veterans that I can confirm exist and play baseball games. Jai Miller K/AB now stands at 80/152. At age 25 it's difficult to consider Miguel Socolovich much of a prospect, but the righty reliever has a K/BB of 24/8 in 24.1 IP and an ERA of 1.85.

Bowie continues to have sole ownership of last place. Manny Machado has hit a rough patch, OPSing 508 over his last 10 and for the season his slash line is 251/349/380/729; his K/BB ratio is at 40/24 in 179 at bats, he has also committed 12 errors over the first 2 months of the season. Jonathan Schoop's OPS over the last 10 is 624, right in line with his season totals which point to 246/301/323/624 with a K/BB of 37/11 in 167 at bats. LJ Hoes is slashing 267/369/377/746 with a K/BB of 32/30 in 191 at bats. It's obviously a shame he can't hack playing second base. Bobby Bundy's mediocrity continues, and he now sports an ERA of 5.06 (4.35 FIP) in 53.1 IP with a K/BB of 37/19. Oliver Drake has now tossed 18 IP in Bowie an ERA of 1.50 with a 15/4 K/BB and a GB/FB of 2.73. Mike Wright debuted this week as well, and gave up 4 ER in 6 IP with a K/BB of 7/0 and GB/FB ratio of 1.20. Tyler Townsend is still hurt. Mike Belfiore now has a K/BB of 35/8 in 24.1 IP

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Frederick is also in last place. Frederick has come alive with some prospect talk though! In his Carolina League debut, Dylan Bundy gave up 2 ER in 5 innings on six hits, walking none and striking out 6. For the season, his K/BB is 46/2 in 35 innings. Kyle Simon has a 4.10 ERA (4.65 FIP) in 52.2 IP with a K/BB of 35/14 but a GB/FB ratio of 2.51. Clayton Schrader has a K/BB of 42/20 in 27.2 IP with a spiffy ERA of 0.65, he has allowed 13 hits for the season and 33 in 67 A+ innings cover the last 12 months. Johnny Ruettiger is off to a nice start in Frederick, 321/406/357/763 with 6/8 in SB attempts. Would like to see this ISO improve, but have to like the OBP. Trent Mummey hasn't played in a couple days which is always concerning with him, but has OPSed 826 over his last 10 games, and his raising his line up which currently stands at 244/337/344/681. Would like to see him back on the diamond. Is Tyler Kellly a prospect? He is 23 but the switch hitting infield prospect has really been tearing up the Carolina League to the tune of 336/455/509/964 with a K/BB of 22/21 in 110 at bats. He didn't embarrass himself in AAA (not sure why he was promoted there in the first place) but is back down to the Carolina League. He goes unmentioned in prospect handbooks, and he is old for the Carolina League. What about Justin Dalles? I know he was mentioned in a game thread by Stacey or PBRme, but he's another 23 year old recently promoted from Salisbury.

Delmarva is 5th out of the 7 teams in their division, but 1-9 in their last 10, likely crestfallen now that their dear leader has been promoted. Nicky Delmonico has to be emerging on prospect radars: 271/357/431/788 with a K/BB of 39/22 in 181 ABs. He's struggled against lefties, but that feels very common for left handed hitting high school kids in their first taste of pro ball. Glynn Davis has gone 9 for his last 15 to raise his line to 271/357/323/680 with a 43/26 K/BB ratio in 193 at bats. Jason Esposito is one of few ice cold Shorebirds at the moment, OPS 282 over the last 10 and for the season his line is at 238/313/306/619 with a K/BB of 44/18 in 193 at bats. Gabriel Lino's OPS over the last 10 is 272, and for the season he is at 212/276/307/583 with a K/BB of 50/10 in 137 at bats. I'm starting to think he should go down to Aberdeen in a few weeks and return to the SAL next year.

Given the rough 10 games, you would expect to see some rough numbers on the pitching side, and you won't be disappointed. 22 year old lefty Tim Berry has a 4.18 ERA (3.78 FIP) in 47.1 IP with a K/BB of 42/14 and a GB/FB ratio of 1.08. 19 year old right Zachary Davies has a K/BB of 31/18 in 41 IP with a 1.46 GB/FB ratio with a 3.97 FIP and 3.95 ERA. Parker Bridwell has had a really rough month, and for the season he now has a 4.87 ERA (4.76 FIP) in 44 IP with a K/BB of 29/21. Eduardo Rodriguez didn't have his best start either this week (3 ER in 5 innings) and for the year the 19 y/o lefty has posted a 2.43 ERA (3.66 FIP) in 37 IP with a K/BB of 24/13.