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Thursday Bird Droppings

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First, your Pick 6 update: Jokes & Burns put up an impressive 87.1 points yesterday for first place, but it's not enough to top Mr. Bumstead's one-day score of 99.7. EME had possibly his highest score yet with 78.7, good for second place. Check out yesterday's leaderboard here. In the weekly contest, BF721 has moved into first place with a score of 145.7. Weekly leaderboard here

Now, before we get to links, I'd like to air a pet peeve. That pet peeve is sports sites that think that it's also a good idea to post pictures about sexy ladies in hardly any clothes on their front pages. Sometimes they actually write about the ladies, sometimes they just put up pictures, but either way, WHY? I understand that the majority of sports fans are men and so there is going to be an overlap in people who like sports and people who like sexy ladies, but seriously, I'm so over it. I love shoes and Shemar Moore but you don't see me throwing pictures of them up on the front page just because I can, do you? Ok, end rant. Time for links!

Orioles CF Adam Jones confident wrist won't keep him out -
Jones is saying he doesn't need X-Rays. Buck is saying we'll see.

Steve Melewski: Jonathan Schoop left Bowie's game today but not due to an injury
Schoop, showboating?

Baseball Prospectus | Wezen-Ball: The Anniversary of a Streak
On this day in 1982, Cal Ripken began his streak.

New Tigers fan? Quintin Berry's best friend, Orioles' Adam Jones, excited about call-up | Detroit Free Press |

Jason Hammel accused the Blue Jays of stealing signs –
Wouldn't be the first time.

Camden Depot: 2012 Draft Coverage: Weekly pref list, May 30, 2012
With video!