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Camdencast Episode 21 - The Gauntlet

Who the heck are these guys? Andrew and I picked the Orioles to have 71 and 70 wins, respectively, so it's safe to say that April's Orioles were not the Orioles that we expected to see.

In this episode, we discuss what went right for the O's in the month, each picking a Most Valuable Oriole for April. Though it's still early and small sample size still applies, we try to figure out which Orioles are producing at a sustainable level. Can pitchers like Jason Hammel and Jake Arrieta continue to perform at high levels? Can Adam Jones and Matt Wieters keep doing what they are doing?

Running through some more of what's working, we marvel at the bullpen and also try to ward off any evil emanating from the bench. We talked in the past about it being a strength, but, well... we hope that the O's will recognize that it is not and take appropriate action.

With a 2-1 record so far in the gauntlet of 15 games against New York, Boston, Texas and Tampa Bay, we look ahead to the next opponent: the Boston Red Sox, last seen dejectedly walking off the field of Oriole Park at Camden Yards, having been personally introduced to ignominy courtesy of Robert Andino. Briefly, we run down what's right and what's wrong in Pink Hat Nation. How we feel about the O's going forward is going to depend much on how they perform in the next 12 games.

Somewhere within the 52 minutes of this podcast is the first time I have ever bleeped myself out.

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We'll be back again, although we don't exactly know when yet - next good night to record a podcast is Mother's Day, and we will be a little busy. Look for us in a couple of weeks, and hope that we have something to be cheerful about when we record again. Thanks for all the feedback - if you ever have any ideas or critical comments, please let us know.