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Hunter and Paulino demoted, Berken and Pomeranz called up

There was a little confusion on the Twitter at first about what's happening with the Orioles roster, but the final (hopefully word) seems to be that yesterday's starting pitcher, Tommy Hunter, has been demoted to Norfolk and Jason Berken has been activated in his place. Additionally, catcher Ronnie Paulino has been demoted in favor of relief pitcher Stu Pomeranz. The scuttlebutt was that Luis Exposito would be demoted, but he's actually in the lineup tonight at catcher (Matt Wieters will DH).

Dan Connolly has confirmed that Paulino has an option, but I haven't seen anything that says Hunter does. According to Camden Depot, he is out of options, which means he'd have pass through waivers to get to the minors. I haven't seen any mention of that in any report, only that he's been demoted. So until we have confirmation, we'll just have to wait and see.

Edit: Hunter has an option per the Orioles press release.

Hunter will have to remain in the minors for ten days unless he replaces someone going on the disabled list, which means the Orioles might have to get creative when Hunter's spot in the rotation comes back around this Friday against the Rays.

That series in Boston may have been exciting, but it really did a number on the pitching staff. Hopefully Brian Matusz tonight and Jake Arrieta tomorrow can pitch at least into the seventh inning against the Rangers to help give the tired pen a rest.