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Tuesday Bird Droppings


Good morning, Camden Chatters. A few of the links today are retreads from the comments section yesterday, but I'm re-posting them for those who don't venture into the abyss. Oh, and Happy Jake Arrieta Day!

Pomeranz's debut a bright spot in O's loss |
Stu Pomeranz made his major-league debut and looked pretty good.

School of Roch: Tejada passes physical
He'll be in extended Spring Training for a tryout. And remember, he's not going to make the major-league team, so don't panic.

Matusz: Just never got into a rhythm -
Matusz quotes. "[I]t all started with the fastball, being able to establish that and I wasn’t able to do that today. Like I said, hanging breaking balls over the plate."

Baltimore’s Hot Start and the Case of J.J. Hardy | FanGraphs Baseball
Amidst all the feel-goodness of the season, Matt Klaassen talks about trading J.J. Hardy.

Chris Davis Scouting Report | NotGraphs Baseball
"Words like "gamer" and "clutch" are insufficient: you need to translate them into German and then back into English to fully characterize Davis’s mound temperament."

Camden Depot: Buying or Selling?: Matt Wieters
Camden Depot picked a cupcake for its first article on whether a players trends will continue the way it has through this hot start.

Infographic: Breaking Down The Orioles Success By Logo | Baltimore Sports Report
The magic is in the cartoon bird.

How The Orioles And Red Sox Took Back The Meaning Of An Overused Word - Baseball Nation
The next time someone says that Robinson Cano hit an epic home run to tie a game in the fourth inning, sit them down and share the story of when Chris Davis pitched in a 17-inning win that ended with the Baltimore Orioles in first place.