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Friday Bird Droppings


Happy Friday, folks. The Markakis-less O's roll into Tampa on a five game skid. Will they reverse course or provide more ammunition for the armies of naysayers?

Britton makes second –possibly final– rehab start " Britt's Bird Watch For those of you that have tired of uninspiring performances from the starting rotation, Britt has some news for you on Zach Britton and Chris Tillman. Yes, Chris Tillman.

Steve Melewski: So who bats third for the Orioles now? Melewski asks the big questions.

Signs of trouble keep piling up for Orioles - Schmuck leads the chorus.

Five Game Losing Streak? The Orioles are Doomed | May Daniel appeals to reason.

New Orioles regime to add organizational depth through Draft | News Hope among the rubble?

On this day in 1975, the Orioles were victimized by Nolan Ryan. Ryan's 100th career victory was also his fourth career no-hitter. Ridiculous.