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Pick 6 Contest Update - Day 4

We have four days down, three days to go with this week's contest. Mr. Bumstead's 99.7 points from Tuesday is holding strong as the daily leader, although jakenbake scored an impressive 88.6 last night for Thursday's top spot. It was impressive mostly because there were only three games yesterday to pick from. Something called a Jordan Pacheco scored him 16.6 points alone!

Here is the weekly top ten, featuring Bmorerush23 just BARELY in first place:

1 Bmorerush23 207.6
2 MrBumstead 206.7
3 alistairlp 197.9
4 j.q. higgins 184.9
5 getxstoked 177.3
6 salvotion 167.6
7 Markakis and Wieters 4 Life 162.7
8 dukespike20 162.7
9 Jakattak88 158.4
10 Nome 154.3

Yesterday's leaderboard

Weekly leaderboard

You have until 7:05 p.m. to get your picks in for today.