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Camdencast Episode 24 - Misery Loves Company

My mom always told me that misery loves company, so Andrew and I decided to put this to the test by inviting on Charlie Wilmoth from Bucs Dugout to talk about the upcoming series between the Orioles and the Pirates. The O's and the Bucs, of course, have the two longest current consecutive losing season streaks in all of MLB, with Pittsburgh at 19 straight losing seasons and the Orioles at 14 straight - and possibly counting, though both the O's and Pirates are currently above .500.

Ah, but the key question is can they stay that way? Charlie came on to share about his favorite team, and you may be surprised just how familiar a lot of what he says will sound to you. I hereby certify that there is not one single mention of That Song. Those who were alive for the 1979 World Series may listen safely.

Among the other topics we covered, we checked in on how our old friend Erik Bedard has been doing for Pittsburgh, heard some praise for Andrew McCutchen, got some insight on the other pitchers that the O's will face during this series, and shared the misery as only fans of two teams who are perpetually-rebuilding-but-never-actually-getting-better can really do. Except maybe this year they are getting better, only we can't let ourselves believe it yet because we've seen them collapse so many times.

So as far as baseball goes, it turns out there's a lot in common between Baltimore and Pittsburgh. All this and more in this week's Camdencast!

This episode has a run time of about 50 minutes. An embedded player is below the jump for your listening convenience.

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Feedback is always appreciated. We hope to be able to stick with a weekly schedule, so we will be back next Monday to talk about whatever has happened between now and then. Until next time!