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Follow Friday: Camden Chat on Social Media

In the Twitter world, every Friday is Follow Friday, where some people like to take the opportunity to suggest to their followers other people to follow. For this Friday, if you make use of Twitter, you should follow us!

@CamdenChat is Bowser herself, Stacey Long, as often as the Bobblehead Factory allows her to post. You can also follow this account to see when new articles are posted to the site, including Bird Droppings, game threads, recaps and anything else that makes its way onto the front page.
@EatMoreEsskay is me. I tweet about the Orioles and occasionally the rest of baseball when I have something to say. I try to keep it original and interesting. I like to think I succeed.
@gibsonandrew is Andrew. You can follow his adventures through the world of minor league baseball as seen at Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs games - and whatever he's allowed to share from the baseball statistical world without killing us all.
@PaulWFolk is Paul, our newest writer, but he's not new to writing about the Orioles. He wrote for years for Orioles Hangout, time during which he enjoyed full press access through that site, so he's been up close and personal with many of the players.

Plus you never know when any one of us will accidentally start something with one of the Orioles beat writers. It's happened before and it may happen again. If you'd like to leave your own Twitter in the comments, feel free.

Camden Chat is also on Facebook - give us a like! Most of what you will find on this page in the future is sharing of links to posts, which, if you particularly like, you can help us out by sharing. I don't want to insult your intelligence with a bunch of consultant-speak about enhancing your social capital or any of that stuff. The reality of the world today is if you (the generic you, not the specific you) want more website traffic you need to find a way to bring people in from FB, and we need you (the specific you) to help us do that.

The benefit to you is this: if CC can grow in this way then it'll be harder and harder for the Orioles to deny access to blogs in general and us in particular. Currently, we are allowed to request one home game per series in the press box and are not allowed to go onto the field pre-game or into the clubhouse post-game to talk to players or the manager. It won't happen this year and probably not next year, but maybe some day there can be a CC writer asking questions in the interviews on a regular basis.

We already bring you great Orioles coverage and discussion on the site - the best you will find on the web, if I do say so myself. If our local and dedicated writers were allowed to come and go from the press box as they please just like members of the mainstream media, then the coverage we could bring you would be even better still.

So please make sure to check us out, and if you can help us out by sharing on social media what you think is our best work going forward, that would be most excellent of you. We'll see you in the comments sections here, but maybe we'll see you on Twitter and Facebook too.