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Camdencast Episode 25 - Good To Be Wrong

Almost nobody on this site or elsewhere liked the trade of Jeremy Guthrie for Jason Hammel and Matt Lindstrom at the time it was made. Sometimes, it's good to be wrong. Andrew and I spend some time talking about Hammel's unexpected excellence, plus some of the other gem performers of the season, including Wei-Yin Chen, Adam Jones, Chris Davis, and the bullpen - most of which we were also wrong about.

One person we spend some time talking about - and I was also wrong about, if not in a good way - is Jake Arrieta. Where did that great pitching performance come from? Was a few days in the bullpen enough to clear his head? Why did I momentarily conflate Pedro Strop's strikeout of Michael McKenry as belonging to Jake Arrieta? What kind of fighter planes were landing on the aircraft carrier in Andrew's vicinity?

Plus a look ahead towards the upcoming Mets series, in which the Orioles will end up facing both R.A. Dickey and Johan Santana. Talk about tough luck. On the other hand, the Mets have the worst bullpen in MLB, over 3 ERA worse than the O's bullpen, so maybe the O's hitters will work counts, take pitches and chase the starters early? Hahaha! I slay me. Something else bad for the Mets is their defense, as measured by UZR, but just what good is UZR anyway? We talk about this, though there may not be a conclusive answer.

Finally, we come to grips, in our own way, with the fact that soon we will start hearing about how the Orioles could be buyers at the trade deadline? What world is this? It's this one, and it's pretty awesome, so we hope our preseason predictions will keep being wrong. All this and more in this week's Camdencast!

This episode has a run time of just over one hour. An embedded player is below the jump for your listening convenience.

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Feedback is always appreciated. We hope to keep sticking to this weekly schedule, so we'll be back next Monday to talk about whatever's happened between now and then. Take care until next time!