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Around the Minors: week 11!

ST. PETERSBURG, FL - SEPTEMBER 04: True or False: My 2012 ISO is over 025 in AAA? Is this a cold reminder for those who have followed his path?  (Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images)
ST. PETERSBURG, FL - SEPTEMBER 04: True or False: My 2012 ISO is over 025 in AAA? Is this a cold reminder for those who have followed his path? (Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images)
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Norfolk has won 6 of 10 and is 2 games out of the cellar. Xavier Avery has rebounded over the last 10 games (778 OPS) and for the season his line now stands at 264/378/398/776 with a K/BB of 47/35 in 201 at bats. The strikeouts are a wee bit high, but nothing overly alarming. You have to like the walk percentage and a 130 ISO isn't Kyle Hudson-esque. LJ Hoes's woes continue, OPSing 652 over his last 10 to actually improve hits slash line of 217/270/348/618 in 18 games with a K/BB of 10/5 in 69 at bats. SSS obviously, but not much to like there. Chris Tillman's numbers warrant a promotion IMO (thankfully nobody cares what I think!). With another quality start this week, his line for the season stands at 77/20 K/BB in 78.1 IP with a 3.14 FIP and a GB/FB ratio of 1.29. I know many of you have been burned by him for the last time, but what does he need to do in your mind to warrant another chance? A FIP of under 3.50 for 125 IP? High Tides: Jai Miller's K/AB contest: 93/178; he has a higher OPS (686) than Joe Mahoney (649) in case you were wondering whatever happened to that guy. Steve Johnson has entered his last 2 games as a reliever, not sure what that's about but he's had some success. His line for the season is 52/20 K/BB in 55.2 IP with a FIP of 3.25 but a GB/FB ratio of 0.44. Strictly against right handers, in 22.2 IP, Miguel Socolovich has an ERA of 0.40 with a K/BB of 25/2. I think he could have value this year.

Despite winning 7 of 10, the Baysox have a one game "lead" for last place. Manny Machado keeps his head above water in AA, barely; for the season his line is 241/325/357/683 and a K/BB of 50/28 in 249 at bats. Would like to see him finish strong in AA before going to Norfolk next season and forcing the Orioles hand with regards to JJ Hardy. As many have noted, Jonathan Schoop's long slog towards respectability continues unabated for the week anyhow (786 OPS) and his slash line is now at 250/307/345/652 with a K/BB of 46/15 in 232 at bats. Considering how slowly he started the season, it will be interesting to see where his OPS ends up compares to his ballyhooed teammate. Northern Californian Brian Ward's first 8 games since the drug of abuse suspension have gone well, 259/375/296/671 with a K/BB of 6/5 in 27 at bats. Bobby Bundy has pitched a little better over his last 2 outings (0 ER in 9.1 IP), and for the season carries a pedestrian K/BB of 50/27 in 68.2 IP. Since getting rocked on June 10, Mike Belfiore has put together 3 consecutive scoreless innings, and for the season has a K/BB of 44/14 in 35 IP with an ERA of 2.57.

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The Keys finished the first half of the season in last place, including winning 1 of their last 10. Before throwing a scoreless inning in the California League/Carolina all star game, Dylan Bundy had a tough game this week. For the season across A and A+, his line is still pretty comical: 63/8 K/BB in 48.2 IP with an ERA of 1.66. Kyle Simon is ready to move on from the first half, his K/BB of 42/20 in 66 innings suggests that he won't be able to get major leaguers out, even despite his nice GB/FB of 2.37 and a 4.89 FIP. Clayton Schrader does continue to miss bat after bat, with a 50/26 K/BB in 33.1 IP, though his ratio is 22/7 over his last 13.1 IP. Hope? Johnny Ruettiger is back from the DL and really hasn't skipped a beat numbers wise since his promotion, with a slash line of 279/374/326/699. In case you were wondering, Kyle Hudson's ISO at Frederick was 044. Hopefully Rudy can't fail. Trent Mummey hasn't played in a few days, and has not been inspiring of late when he does, and for the season his line stands at 218/310/309/619.

The Shorebirds finished 5th out of 7 in the first half in their season. Nicky Delmonico has been the biggest star prospect wise since Dylan Bundy left. For the season, Delmonico's line looks like this: 262/360/418/778. If he can stick to second base, the Orioles have a real nice prospect. At first base, probably not so much. His defense needs work, as does his work against lefties. Despite those 2 big things in my book, part of me still wonders if it isn't time to push him to Frederick however. Probably a bad idea. Glynn Davis is at least getting on base, 263/346/310/656 with a K/BB of 52/29 in 232 at bats. Jason Esposito has been hitting better over his last 10, but for the season last year's collegiate 2nd rounder is batting 233/299/325/625 with a K/BB of 57/19 in 249 at bats. Gabriel Lino has also gotten up off the mat, OPSing 927 (6/4 K/BB covering 33 at bats) in his last time to put his slash line at 232/296/362/658 with a K/BB of 57/14 in 177 at bats. Zach Davies hasn't pitched in a week due to the all star break, so his line is the same from last week, 40/21 K/BB in 52.2 IP and an ERA of 3.76. Parker Bridwell makes me sad: 38/33 K/BB in 57.2 IP with an ERA of 5.77 (FIP of 6.10!). Eduardo Rodriguez hasn't pitched since last week's update either, so his peripherals are the same.

I'm going to wait a bit to review the short season teams, but I will continue to provide the nightly updates in the QTM on the game threads. Have to like the young Andres Aguilar though for the GCL Birds. Are those games open to the public? Anyway, Aberdeen is 1-2 in its first 3 contests, as are GCL Orioles. The DSL Orioles are in last place after 16 games. It goes without saying, but certainly the website is bettered for the personal reports, so please chime in with your thoughts on the post game threads. Hopefully the legend of Torsten Boss will only grow in Aberdeen, and hopefully he won't be alone.