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Camdencast Episode 26 - The Paratroopers

What do you say about a team after the week of offensive ineptitude that we have just witnessed from the Orioles? Andrew and I consider, and dismiss, one theory mooted by some writers, run through some of the grim details of the slumping players, and leave hanging the question of whether it will get better.

There is a good bit of All-Star talk this week. Who do you think should be on the All-Star team from the Orioles? We have our answers, maybe clouded by a bit of homerism, but we try to fairly consider all the options. One of those shocking things about following a good team is when you realize your favorite team deserves multiple All-Stars after years of the doldrums. During the course of this discussion, Andrew and I discovered a glaring, unforgivable oversight on the Orioles official website. Give yourself a cookie if you can spot it without listening and hearing the answer.

Along with a rundown of the whole Jamie Moyer situation, we consider the question of the fifth starter - of which the Orioles have plenty - and more broadly, whether the Orioles will be, or should be, buyers at the trade deadline. Even if they should be buyers, what the heck do they have to trade and who could they possibly get?

Looking ahead to the Angels series, it's probably not the cure for an ailing offense. Maybe they will surprise us. LAA is a team that slumped to start the season and has woken up lately. Perhaps the O's can manage a split behind the unexpectedly great Jason Hammel. We look a little beyond the Angels, as well, to the Indians series later in the week.

This episode has a run time of just under one hour. An embedded player is below the jump for your listening convenience.

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Feedback is always appreciated. We'll be back for you next Monday, hopefully with an exciting (by our standards) guest, to talk about whatever's happened between now and then. Take care until next time!