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Mark Brown, The Next Baltimore Sports Media Superstar

Raise your hand if you love the writing and other talents of Mark Brown, aka Eat More Esskay? You can't see me, but my hand is high in the air.

It's no secret that Camden Chat is a much better place because of Mark's talent, dedication, and creativity. From his trademark gamethreads to Camdencast, the site's podcast that only exists because of Mark's initiative, we are all lucky that Mark found his way to CC. I really can't say enough about what Mark has done since he became a front-page contributor here at CC.

What's with the love fest, you ask? Well, Mark has been selected to compete in WNST's Next Baltimore Sports Media Superstar, and I'm hopeful that the CC community will give him as much support as possible. Mark will be competing against more than thirty others who all believe they're a better fit for the crown than Mark. I don't even need to know those people to know that's not true. When it comes to Baltimore sports, Mark is passionate and knowledgeable. When it comes to writing, Mark is among the finest I've seen. And when it comes down to personality and creativity, I'd put him up against anyone.

So how can we help Mark? One of the things Mark needs in to do in the first round is prove his ability to reach an audience, and that's done through traffic to his blog page on WNST, Facebook likes, Twitter retweets, Google +1's, etc. We can help him with that!

Mark's first post at WNST is up. It's his introductory post, and you might be surprised what you don't know about him. After you've read it, you'll see all of the social media options at the bottom of the page. If you have a Facebook, like it! If you have Twitter, tweet it! If you're one of the dozen or so that have Google Plus, +1 it! It also couldn't hurt to leave some comments at the bottom of his story.

Bottom line is that we need to let WNST and the world know that Mark is the best person for the job. We'll be posting his links every time he writes something new and letting you know when other events (such as his radio audition) are on the horizon. We all know Mark has the talent, so let's show him our support.