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Tuesday Bird Droppings

It's the day after an off day, so unless you want to read four thousand different news articles about Kevin Gausman, the O's 1st round draft pick, it's a slow news day. Day 2 of the draft starts at noon, so be sure to stick with Camden Chat to find out who the O's drafted and all of the opinions of the masses.

Pick 6: After one day, the daily and weekly leader is Gromm with 43.3. There are no day games today, so you have until 7:05 to make your picks.

In case you're not in the habit of scrolling down, do so today because EME posted the latest Camden Cast overnight.

Now, the meager links:

Camden Depot: 2012 MLB Draft -- Gausman stats; Day 2 Targets
Drafty goodness.

Gausman goes to Baltimore as fourth pick in first round |
Nice local profile on the O's first round pick.

Orioles Buzz: Olivia Witherite: Three reasons the O's should consider demoting Jake Arrieta
Reason number 3 is Chris Tillman!

The state of the AL East, June update
Catching up on the biggest story lines and surprises in the AL East

Jim Duquette donates kidney to daughter Lindsey | Big League Stew - Yahoo! Sports
Nice story on the former O's GM