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Draft Day: Day 2

Welcome to day two of the MLB amateur draft! I'll be doing my best to update this space with the news of who the Orioles draft in the second round and beyond, including scouring the Google to find information about them. Just for you! Unfortunately I do have a day job that sometimes gets in the way of such things.

Check out James' FanPost on his day two targets as well as friend of the blog Camden Depot's article, always a good site for scouting and prospects. And FanGraphs will be doing another live blog of the draft if that's your thing (that was a lie on my part), but don't abandon us entirely! We have confidence issues!

So who are your targets for day two? Or, like me, do you have no clue? Despite the draft not being my strong suit, I always love draft day. So full of hope for the future and all that jazz.

Let's go Gary Rasjich! Pick those players!

O's picks:

2nd Round, 65th pick: Branden Kline, RHP, UVA

3rd Round, 99th pick: Adrian Marin, SS, Gulliver Prep (Fla.)

4th Round, 132nd pick: Christian Walker, 1B, University of South Carolina

5th Round, 162nd pick: Colin Poche, LHP, Marcus HS (Tx)

6th Round, 192nd pick: Lex Rutledge, LHP, Samford University

7th Round, 222nd pick: Matthew Price, RHP, University of South Carolina