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Around the Minors: week 9!

March 18, 2012; Lake Buena Vista, FL, USA; Do I belong in Norfolk? Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE
March 18, 2012; Lake Buena Vista, FL, USA; Do I belong in Norfolk? Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

Norfolk has been winning of late, 6-4 in their last 10 and is out of last place, by a game! Xavier Avery is not replicating his early season success as he has OPSed 580 over his last 10. For the season, he has put up a strong slash line of 267/359/424/784 with a 36/24 K/BB in 165 at bats. It is important of course that he puts some strong at bats together and continues to rebound following his demotion. LJ Hoes has had a tough few games in AAA, OPSing 571 in his first 8 games. It is worth noting that he is normally a slow starter so I certainly would not be too concerned by this SSS. To recap his time in Bowie, the 22 y/o RH posted a slash line of 265/368/372/741. This certainly is not all that impressive in my view, especially for someone who does not have a position. Am I being too harsh? Am I? Chris Tillman really has been putting together a decent season, at least his peripherals would suggest that to me. His FIP is 3.10 in 67.1 innings, with an ERA of 4.01 and a K/BB of 65/26 with a 1.20 GB/FB ratio. 5 of his last 7 games were quality starts. I know I might be alone on this, but I think he is deserving of some starts on the big team, and that right quick. Other Tide notes: Jai Miller K/AB is 87/164, including 21 of his last 35. He does have an ISO of 214 on the season. Miguel Tejada: 317/389/349/738. You would expect that kind of ISO from Brandon Fahey.

Bowie is 4-6 in their last 10 and continues to slide into last place. Manny Machado's struggles continue, as his OPS over the last 10 games is 410. For the season he is slashing 238/330/366/697 with a K/BB of 43/25 in 202 at bats. Cannot really complain about the 19 year old's peripherals, though you would like to see a better OPS. Jonathan Schoop continues to be inconsistent and for the season has posted a slash line of 239/300/315/616 with a K/BB of 41/14 in 184 at bats. No update on Tyler Townsend. What do you think of Brian Ward? He is back after serving a 50 game suspension. He really came onto the scene last year, with an ISO of 138 and a cannon for an arm. Seems like he could be a decent back up catcher, but i am not a fan of the all glove no bat backup catcher types. Oliver Drake is back on the DL, a tough break no doubt. He has 3 decent enough starts in AA. Bobby Bundy has a 5.46 ERA with a K/BB of 43/20 in 59.1 IP. He is not giving me a lot of reasons to believe. Mike Wright had his second straight tough start since his promo to Bowie, giving up 5 ER in 51. innings. It will be interesting to see where he is in a few weeks. Mike Belfiore has a K/BB of 36/9 in 26.1 IP with a 2.36 ERA.

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Frederick is 4-6 in their last 10 and continues to be in last place. Johnny Ruettiger has been out the last couple of days, but for the season in both Delmarva and Salisbury is positing a line of 299/381/350/731, with a K/BB of 28/23 in 177 at bats. Trent Mummey is hurt again, and hopefully he can pick up where left off sooner rather than later. If you have not heard of Dylan Bundy, you may in fact be dead. I probably should not have said anything. Bundy was tagged with a loss his last time out, for giving up 1 ER in 5 innings, striking out 7, walking 1 and allowing 3 hits. His peripherals continue to be something out of a video game. Clayton Schrader has a K/BB of 44/22 in 29 IP and a 1.55 ERA. Not sure what he's doing in Frederick still. Kyle Simon did not have it in his start this week, and for season he has an ERA of 4.15 in 56.1 IP with a K/BB of 38/18 and a GB/FB of 2.49. Have to like his ability to induce grounders. Tim Berry was promoted to the Keys, and his Delmarva numbers were fairly strong, 44/17 K/BB in 52 IP with a FIP of 3.85.

Delmarva has won 2 in a row, but prior to that had won 1 of 8 games. Glynn Davis has not played in a week. Nicky Delmonico has had a forgettable time of late, with an OPS of 590 over his last 10. For the season however, his numbers are strong, 261/347/411/758. Jason Esposito had a 1-30 slump over his last 10 and his numbers are absolutely horrific, 227/295/301/596. Gabriel Lino's OPS over his last 10 games is 346, and for the year his line is 205/263/288/552. Do you believe in yesterday? I feel like the wheels are coming off for Parker Bridwell, who now owns the following line: 6.23 ERA in 47.2 IP and a K/BB of 31/26. Zachary Davies, however, has been strong this season, 3.78 ERA in 47.2 IP and a K/BB of 37/19. Eduardo Rodriguez fine campaign continues, with a 2.09 ERA in 43 IP, with a K/BB of 29/16 and a GB/FB ratio of 1.50; obviously you want to see more strikeouts, but given that he essentially is coming to the SALLY from the GCL, I'm willing to give the the 19 y/o lefty a lot of leeway.

The DSL Orioles are 2-2 in their first 4 games of the season. I have no idea who to track, since the big Latino bonus baby has seemingly moved on. Who do you like? Roster linky link.