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MuchO GustO: 2012 disappointments

BALTIMORE, MD - AUGUST 30: I'm Ryan Adams.  Remember me?  (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)
BALTIMORE, MD - AUGUST 30: I'm Ryan Adams. Remember me? (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)
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PBRme did a great ATM piece just a couple days ago, so I thought I would follow up with a MuchO GustO piece. Maybe it's 14 years of losing or maybe it's too much Elliott Smith, but I wanted to look at the 2012 disappointments. Below are some players who came into 2012 with some level of intrigue. Here are some quick notes on a few farmhands:

Parker Bridwell. He came in as the #4 ranked prospect in the Orioles system and he has been nothing short of disastrous. Last year in Aberdeen, the now 21 y/o posted a pedestrian ERA of 4.53, but a much stronger K/IP of 57/53.2 IP. BA noted the potential of his sinker, but that certainly hasn't come to help too much. His GB/FB has risen, but the reality is that he has 6.50 FIP in Delmarva over 72 innings. Maybe he is injured, or maybe it's time to convert him to a reliever to see if his fastball can more consistently be in the upper 90s.

Dan Klein and Oliver Drake: do you remember either of these two individuals? 2012 has been a lost year for both.

Ryan Adams: Ryan was allegedly an all bat second baseman and had generated some prospect love coming into 2011, after a fairly impressive 2010 campaign where he OPSed 829 in Bowie. And 2011 would seem him break camp with the Tides and be promoted to the big club in May. He OPSed 794 for the Tides in 2011, and showed some flashes for the Orioles. I was pretty excited about him last year, figuring that he might be a Todd Walker type of second baseman. 2012 has been rough. He hasn't played in 2 months, and in 33 games for the Tides his OPS stands at 649.

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Jason Esposito: Remember draft day 2011? Remember googling Jason Esposito and coming up with "potential first rounder"? (Seriously, I am certain I wasn't alone!) I was pretty excited about him, figuring that he was a college bat with some tools but enough inconsistency to knock him down the second round. He came in as the #8 prospect in the Orioles system per BA and has had a pretty horrific 2012 campaign. The 21 y/o right handed hitter has an OPS of 590 in Delmarva.

Bobby Bundy: I recall feeling slighted that Bobby Bundy was not even a top 10 Carolina League prospect in 2011, after what I thought was a rock solid campaign. In 2011 in Frederick, he had a WHIP of 1.09 in 121 innings with an ERA of 2.75. Still, very little love, as he came in as the 17th best prospect in a weak Oriole system. And in 2012 he completely blown up. His ERA is 6.25 (FIP of 4.36) and his GB/GB has decreased this season. So he is keeping the ball up, and he really can't be considered a strike out guy, so I guess it isn't too shocking that his ERA is so ugly.

Trent Mummey: I want to believe in Trent Mummey. I do. The 23 y/o LH OF seems to play hard, has some pitch recognition and some slugging tools. If you close your eyes, you can almost see Steve Finley. But the cold reality is that fangraphs 4th best Orioles prospect coming into 2012 has battled injuries and ineffectiveness in 2012, and is OPSing 715 in Frederick.

Who has disappointed you in 2012? Joe Mahoney? Brandon Waring? Ryan Berry? Of those and the players mentioned above, who do you still believe in? Why?