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Camdencast Episode 27 - Jim Jam

Jim Thome is on the Orioles! Andrew and I open up with a little silliness, which you can get a taste of for yourself if you like by checking out The Dugout. After that it's down to business (always business), trying to assess what was the point for the O's of acquiring Thome, what impact it might have on the team and whether the Orioles should continue being buyers. Spoiler: if you've read Camden Chat lately, you already know what we think.

One silver lining this week: namely, the All-Star selections, where the Orioles have Adam Jones, Matt Wieters and Jim Johnson as All-Stars. That is three times as many All-Stars as there will be from the Boston Red Sox. If that fact does not make you smile, this is probably the wrong website for you. Some interesting All-Star hypotheticals, and Andrew and I share our favorite All-Star memories from innocent, younger days.

By the way, if you want to help Jason Hammel be a fourth All-Star, make sure to vote on the Fan Final Vote (which Andrew thinks it is pointless, and it probably is, but I leave the choice in your hands.)

There's a lot of woe surrounding the O's lately. That's probably because they aren't pitching well, hitting well, or fielding well. Yikes. After I predictably go overboard, Andrew tries to toss me a life preserver, although I suspect he may have only done this in order to later hit me with the sickest burn that's ever been unleashed in Camdencast history. In fairness to Andrew, I probably deserved it.

All this and more in this week's episode, which has a run time of about 52 minutes. An embedded player is below the jump for your listening convenience.

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Camdencast remains safe for work, provided your boss doesn't mind you listening to podcasts instead of while doing work.

Feedback is always appreciated. We may miss our usual Monday schedule next week, but we are not sure quite yet. If not Monday, we should have a mid-season podcast for you on Thursday (hopefully). At any rate, we will be back. Until next time!