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Camden Chat Double Feature - July 26, 2012

As many of you are aware, our very own Eat More Esskay, AKA Mark Brown, has made it to the finals of WNST's Baltimore Sports Media Superstar contest. The finals take place this Thursday at the Hooters in in Towson from 7-9 p.m and I would love, LOVE, to get a big group from Camden Chat to the Hooters so that we can show Mark support and maybe give him a confidence boost as he shows WNST that he is indeed the man for the job.

Additionally, the Orioles are playing a day game on Thursday at 12:35 vs the Tampa Bay Rays. I unfortunately won't be able to pre-game with the fellas, as I have previous plans to attend with co-workers. But I'll be sneaking down to hang out once the game starts, as at the very least Wieters Wieners and EME will be there taking in the game and a few beers (not too many for EME, though!).

So, if you're available to attend one or both of these events, I can guarantee a great time will be had by all. In fact, I'm going to go ahead and say that the beer at Hooters will be on me if you want to attend. Because I'm kind!

If you're planning on attending either the game or the WNST night at Hooters, please let us know in the comments. That way I can make sure I get a big enough table at Hooters (I'll be arriving at 6 p.m. to make sure we get a seat), and in the case of the game, WW and EME will know who to be on the look out for before and/or during the game.