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Thursday Bird Droppings

"WW has nothing on these guns!"
"WW has nothing on these guns!"

Don't forget, today's game starts at 12:35! If you're in the area, be sure to stop by. There will be several Camden Chatters on hand despite the heat. Or if you can't get out of work for the game, come to Hooters tonight to cheer on Eat More Esskay as he participates in the finals of WNST's Next Baltimore Sports Media Superstar contest. So far I believe that PaulFolk, Wieters Wieners, duck, parkinglotninja, Astronaut Mike Dexter, and Brotz13 will be joining me to root Mark to victory.

Orioles might need to call up a reliever for today's game -
More deck chair rearranging.

Vi Ripken is down-to-earth center of Maryland's most famous baseball family -
In the wake of Vi Ripken's abduction (and thankfully safe return), the Sun has a story on her life.

School of Roch: Gonzalez: "I didn't have my stuff tonight"
You don't say!

Reynolds prepared to turn on the power |
So, what's he waiting for?

On this day in 1980, Steve Stone won his 14th game in a row in a 4-1 win over the Brewers. And in 2010, James F wrote this great piece: On Minority Hiring in Baseball.