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Game 101: Athletics (54-45) @ Orioles (52-47), 7:05pm

He doesn't even look human!
He doesn't even look human!

The Orioles will try to shake off last night's awful loss and come back against the Oakland A's, but if I'm being honest, I don't like their chances. For one thing, it doesn't matter how many times Tommy Hunter turns in a good performance, I'm not going to believe him capable. For another, the A's are sending big fat Bartolo Colon out to pitch for them, and he has a habit of shutting them down.

Still, anything can happen. Chris Davis has been on a hot streak and even J.J. Hardy has been getting on a base a little bit. Maybe they can put ol' fat Bart in his place and Tommy Hunter won't live up to his "Five Runs All Earned" nickname. Maybe, maybe, maybe.