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Saturday Bird Droppings: 100+ Degree Day Edition

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The seemingly unrelenting heat-wave persists, but on this day, all is well in Birdland thanks to some Pitching, some Defense, and of course a Three-Run Home Run.

But seriously, if for whatever reason you have something to do beyond the confines of your domicile, get it taken care of early. And be sure to tend to any outdoor pets you may have. Plenty of aqua and shade for them, please.

Some links for your perusal, should you be into that sort of thing...

Baltimore Orioles at Los Angeles Angels - July 6, 2012 | BAL Recap A most encouraging performance from Miguel Gonzalez. Congrats to him. Perhaps the Birds have stumbled upon a solution to their back-of-the-rotation blues?

Baltimore Orioles' Brian Roberts out with right hip labral tear - ESPN Poor BriBob. He can't win for losin'. Get well soon, buddy!

Tides' Matusz finds fastball, confidence | News | The Official Site of Minor League Baseball Excelsior! But much hard work remains for Mr. Matusz as he seeks to resume his big league career.

Steve Melewski: Trade talk with Dan Duquette Posted and discussed in Yesterday's Bird Droppings, but meriting a bump up onto the front page, in my humble opinion.

Negro Leagues Baseball Museum a national treasure worth saving - Yahoo! Sports Indeed.

Not much in the way of birthdays of significance on July 7th, so a trip down memory lane of another sort...On this day in 2007 everyone's favorite surly Canadian, BUH DARD, pitched a gem of a game in Texas. He struck out 15, walked none, and allowed only 2 base hits on route to a 3-0 victory. Check out the boxscore here: July 7, 2007 Baltimore Orioles at Texas Rangers Box Score and Play by Play -