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Monday Bird Droppings

Happy All-Star Break, everyone! I was away from Camden Chat last week on a lovely beach vacation, and I have to thank Eat More Esskay, duck, j.q. higgins, PBR me ASAP!, Westie, dfa, and birdman for helping to pick up the slack. An especially big shout out to EME who took the CC reins while also participating in the WNST contest. Now, on to the links:

Dylan Bundy, Manny Machado fare well in MLB Futures Game -
Not mentioned in this story are Machado's two sweet grabs in the field.

The Loss Column • Second Half Storylines as the Orioles Limp Into the Break
Brian Roberts won't be a story line.

School of Roch: Matusz looks to Anderson for advice and a target
Are you there, Brady? It's me, Brian.

The Year of the Eutaw Street Homer | Roar From 34
There have already been 8 Eutaw Street HRs this season, which ties the most in any other season.

Camden Depot: Miguel Gonzalez: By the Numbers
This is a few days old, but a good breakdown of Miguel Gonzalez's start this weekend.

Vicente Padilla: Mark Teixeira ‘better off playing women’s sport’ | Big League Stew - Yahoo! Sports
This just in: Vicente Padilla is not only hideous, he's also a douche.