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What would you ask Cal Ripken?

This guy! I'm talking to him!
This guy! I'm talking to him!

Thanks to Camden Chat, I'm sometimes given the opportunity to do some really cool things. But tomorrow I'll get to do what is easily the best thing I've ever gotten to do thanks to my connection to Camden Chat: I'm going to interview Cal Ripken.

I know!

Interviewing anyone, especially a legend like Cal Ripken, isn't something I have a lot of experience with. Basically I feel like I'm not much different than most of you, and most of us will never have the opportunity to talk to Cal Ripken and ask him anything. So I want to find out from you, what do you want to ask Cal Ripken?

If you can think of an interesting question for me to ask him, put it in the comments. If someone else posts a question that you think is great, rec it! I'll go through the comments before my interview tomorrow afternoon and pick out a few to ask Cal.