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Camdencast Comment Box for 8/12

One of the things we occasionally get is requests for a mailbag-type segment on the podcast. We've finally found a way to try to accomplish that, so here is the debut of the Camdencast Comment Box.

How this will work is pretty simple. Leave a comment with something Orioles-related that you'd like to hear us talk about on the next podcast. This can be a question or however else you'd like to phrase your request.

To start out, we'll probably just pick one from this box, but if this works and we're getting a number of comments every time we will increase the number of comments we pick. Going forward, this thread will probably get posted on Thursdays.

Guidelines are easy: pick something you want to hear about, that might interest other Orioles fans, that isn't already being talked to death in the mainstream media.

It doesn't necessarily have to be about the Orioles. With the O's being one of five teams in a wild card spot or within one game of a spot, perhaps you'd like to know a little more about one of those other teams. Or maybe you'd like to know what we think about your favorite O's sleeper prospect, or maybe you'd like to know how some ex-Orioles are doing with other teams.

We'll be looking to pick things that interest us and we think could make for an interesting discussion. That means if you want your comment to be picked you probably shouldn't ask whether we think the DH should be abolished or expanded to both leagues.

That said, I'll leave the rest up to you. What do you want to hear on the next Camdencast? Comment below and your topic could be picked on the next episode. We'll read your topic, credit who we've picked and then have at it.