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Tuesday Bird Droppings

Happy Birthday, Earl!
Happy Birthday, Earl!

Greetings and Salutations, denizens of Birdland. Are we refreshed, refocused, and reenergized to face another stretch of daunting and formidable baseball? Today marks the onset of another mini-gauntlet of opponents; 9 games vs. the Red Sox, Tigers, and Rangers...oh my. But I have faith that the magic of this season shall carry on. Not much in the way of news following an off-day. Let's see what we have on tap though:

Machado named AL POW after incredible debut | News
A nice start. What's he got for an encore?

With Manny Machado, Baltimore Orioles look to win now - MLB News | FOX Sports on MSN
The Bow-tied, baseball reporting robot delivers his pronouncement.

Aberdeen: Ernie Tyler Way at Ripken complex honors late Orioles umpire attendant, Ripken family friend -

Orioles get veteran LHP Romero from Indians - Yahoo! Sports
He'll be taking the soon-go-be DL'd Troy Patton's spot. Wait? How can one take the spot of someone who does not exist? Curious...

Camden Depot: Minor League Update: Kevin Gausman (rhp, Clas A-SS Aberdeen)
Goose has been stupid-good thus far for Aberdeen. Delmarva bound after his next start? Frederick, perhaps?

Today marks the 82nd Birthday for Earl Sidney Weaver! So, in honor of the Prince of Baltimore, methinks it would be fitting if it were a day of heated arguments on Camden Chat! Or just go outside and kick some dirt.

Also of note: on this day in 2009, Felix Pie hit for the cycle. And there was much enthusiastic clapping, to the chagrin of the humorless Mike Scioscia.