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Thursday Bird Droppings

Ah, the syrupy sweet swing of Omar Quintanilla.
Ah, the syrupy sweet swing of Omar Quintanilla.

If I were to paraphrase a certain, rotund 70s pop singer, I might say two out of three from the Yankees ain't bad, but...yknow. Zach Britton gets to take the off day to ponder what he's done, Dan Duquette can think about deals not meant to be, though I can't help but notice that former Duq bff Derek Lowe was just designated for assignment. With Thome on the DL and the RISP crisis continuing unabated, would the O's take a chance on the Fabulous Flying El Custardo?

School of Roch: What's next for the Orioles? Nate McLouth! Drama!

Bundy's longest outing with Keys dominant against Hillcats | The News & Advance How did YOU celebrate Dylan Bundy day?

Camden Depot: Trade deadline recap A little praise and mild scorn for the deals not made.

Baseball Prospectus | BP Unfiltered: Two Players You Haven't Seen Since 2007
You know you can't get enough Lew.

Justice Sonia Sotomayor cheers on the Yankees with the Bleacher Creatures (Photo) | Big League Stew - Yahoo! Sports Friends, there is a cancer in the U.S. Supreme Court...Yankees fans.

It's the birthday of noted Metallica fan, Matt Riley.